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The series that follows Star Wars: Clones. Unlike it's predecessor series, these books travel along a scary path, earning them a Horror/Adventure categorization.

There are five books in the main series, as well as a Prequel that talks about Nya's past. The first two books take place in 4 ABY - 6 ABY, and are narrated by Ace. The last three books take place in 8 ABY - 10 ABY, and are narrated by Ace's son, Hammer (nicknamed Hammy or Ham).

Book 1: Lone Wolf (September-October 2013)

Book 2: Secrets of the Past (November-December 2013)

Book 3: Silent Screams (January-February 2014)

Book 4: Cold Shadows (March-April 2014)

Book 5: Flames of Light (April-May 2014)

Nya's Prequel: Nightmare (June-August 2014)